Headquartered in Los Angeles, Green Park Brands is a holding company established in 2015 that creates, operates, and accelerates high-growth consumer brands in fast-moving categories.

As Gen Z and Millennial consumers gain purchasing power, they are reshaping the consumer landscape and yesterday's FMCG brands no longer meet today's challenges.

We are building the holding company of the future, with a socially conscious approach that is fair, equitable, and sustainable.  We envision a better world, and we are building it brand by brand.


We have a window of opportunity.

A unique moment to build not just a new model, but a new world.

A world where we fuel the new, the young and the daring to satisfy the needs of tomorrow’s consumer, today.

A world where we are not spectators, but leaders, socially conscious operators who believe in doing things the right way - and enable everyone in our business to do it.

A world built around our audience - by putting a community of like-minded people at the very heart of our business.

A world that fairer, more equitable, more sustainable - for everyone.

A Green Park, built to enrich the world.